The Electric Car

El Diablo: The Future

Using Chemistry the top german engineers of the 10th grade have developed an electric battery powered car, using a sleek rectangle design, and a metal cradle to hold the plastic container for the chemicals which when react create the power for it's motor to run the almost perfectly designed steering capabilities (A metric ruler and a foot tap); Our team of top designers: Shaan Qureshi [Professional 'Azn'] Tom Wittig [German Engineer] and Mike Brucehaber [Another yet again German Engineer]. The results of this successful and highly hazardous experiment...

El Diablo:

The sleek design allows for smooth driving... and it's paint job done by Mike Brucehaber. The orange flames, and red painted car body. With a hybrid of Aqua Pod and Spring Water bottle ends to create a container for the battery, with a metal cradle to keep it in place.