The Electric Car

How does El Diablo Work?

Using a chemical reaction:
 Pb02(s) + 4H(aq) + Al(s) + 20H --> Pb(aq) + 2H20(l) + Al(OH)2(s)
The reaction creates a voltage of about 2.8 when reacted. The Pb anode is first oxidized and then hooked to the motor inside of an H2SO4 acidic solution. While the Aluminum cathode is put inside a porous cup, filled with a basic NaOH solution. The Lead electrode would be oxidized before put into the battery. Using an Aqua Pod, and plastic bottle end we created the perfect design for the battery's carrier.

How did we connect such things?

Using two glued pieces of metal to cradle the battery. The battery is put inside the bottom of the bottom of a plastic water bottle, which the top is cut off. Then on top of that, an aqua pod bottom, is put on top, a circular shell with about 6 small stubs with open air holes to let the battery be aired out. The next picture below, is of the motor, which we would hook the alligator clips to the electrodes, and put on the cover, slip out the wires, and then hook to the motor when ready.